So far we have represented the company ⇒ RefTek (Refraktion Technologies), Dallas, Texas, exclusively in Germany.

After the takeover by Xeos Technologies Inc. we can no longer act as an exclusive representative for RefTek, but we are still allowed to represent their products and thus fulfill customer requirements. Please inform us, we will be happy to help.

Seismic data acquisition and software

  • 130S-01 Broadband Seismic Recorder
  • Wrangler 32-bit High Resolution Seismic Recorder
  • 130-SMHR Strong Motion Seismograph
  • Broadband seismometer RefTek Colt
  • 147A High Resolution Accelerometes
  • Single Channel Accelerometer
  • Low Noise Triaxial Accelerometer
  • 131A-02/BH Triaxial Borehole Accelerometer

Service Europa

Checks, repairs, shipping to RefTek.

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